Featured Artists at the H Hotel

To create an aura of tasteful transcendence, H Hotel Los Angeles enlisted NINE dot ARTS to curate a collection around the art of flight. Eight artists were enlisted from across the United States to create gravity-defying pieces across many media. Listed below are the artists and their work, along with a link to more information.

Featured Artists at the H Hotel
Featured Artists at the H Hotel
Featured Artists at the H Hotel
1. Planes - Patty Ortiz
painted aluminum

2. Geometric Wall Sculptures - Derek Keenan
custom painted handmade wooden panels

3. Facades of LA - Paul Brokering
photographs mounted on aluminum

4. Plane Windows series - Jim Darling
oil paintings with layered wood panels

5. LAX4 - Jeffrey Millstein
photograph print on aluminum
6. LLYWOOD - Susan Logoreci
colored pencil and gouache on paper

7. Cloud Nine (28) - Bill Brown
digital photography, gel transfer, with encaustic on wood panel

8. Blue Yonder - Arjuna Noor
photokinetic art backlit with LED lighting

9. Holding Pattern No. 3 - Dylan Beck

10. Folded Planes - Kevin Box
cast planes on granite base
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